LIFELIKE PEDAGOGY Bringing the life to the classroom

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What will children educated through life be capable of in the future?
Only an education focused on the experience of real experiments, where the students decide and learn through the achievement of their own enterprise, prepares the child for the challenges that the future will bring, teaching not just the basic scholar disciplines, but also the knowledge that can only be acquired through the experience of life, and yet favoring the development of fundamental skills for a human being to be independent, creative, self-confident and happy.
Developing projects chosen and conducted by themselves, students can learn math, english, sciences, and many important subjects during they effort to reach the goals they define for their enterprises. The class become alive and closer to their interests.

When students are motivated to achieve their goal, they can connect the importance of the studied subjects to a real meaning. They study because the project needs their understanding, not because teacher says so.

They are motivated and fully understand the meaning and importance of the content.

About the author
Marcelo Rodrigues was a curious and alert boy. He walked and talked before his first year and soon showed a great will to explore the environments, opening the doors of the lowest cupboards, what demanded a great attention and energy from his parents. Still young, he administrated his own lab at the back of his yard, where he produced great amount of colorful liquids, carefully stored in shampoo pots. At this same stage of his childhood, he developed a study about ants, building by himself an anthill in an empty aquarium, where he would feed the ants with quite overstatement while he observed the development of the tunnels and rooms built by these small and interesting animals. Together with his best friend, he took away the calmness of the neighborhood by exploring, uninvited, the roofs, gardens and yards of the nearby houses, discovering interesting things about his neighbors' lives. And that's how Marcelo grew up, always curious about what surrounded him, no matter if it was the habits of his neighbors or the ants in the yard. His constant attempt to understand the world since his childhood became the basis for his great ideas and conclusions about life that persisted until his adult life and became the basis of Lifelike Pedagogy, a new way to see and integrate life and education.

Less important is to mention that he is also the principal of Escola do Max, a brazilian school for children between 1 and 10 years old. The Lifelike Pedagogy has been studied and applied in Escola do Max for many years, being a great success, not only among parents and educators, but specially among the children. They approve our way to teach, not only by their happiness in classroom, but by their impressive achievements as students and human beings.

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